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Cargo Insurance Services

Oceanic Marine Forwarder  is also designed to offer cargo, freight and marine insurance to shippers and freight forwarders.  Our specialist teams work in the cargo insurance industry and so are at the fore-front of the cargo insurance industry.  Unlike large con-glomerate insurance companies we are not a division of a large insurance company who employ commissionable sales staff to sell insurance.

Each of our customer service team are trained specifically in Cargo, Freight and Marine insurance and will be able to assist in ensuring that you purchase the right cargo insurance policy for your needs.  Whether this is a open general annual policy, single movement policy or specialist under-written commodity policy our cargo specialists will guide you through it.

For every insurance policy placed you will receive an insurance certificate confirming who the appointed surveyor will be for that shipment so you can be assured that the insurance is in place.  Insurance companies and insurance policies only show their worth in those unfortunate times when you need to make a claim and our efficient process of providing surveyor details up front ensures that this process is as quick as it can be.
No more waiting for your insurance company or broker to open their file and appoint an overseas surveyor to begin looking into your insurance claim.  Our insurance setup is designed to have any claim looked into within the shortest possible time. 
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